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Is it a "miracle tool" or an "intelligence tax" for anti cross color laundry det


Everyone knows that dark and light colored clothes need to be washed separately, but during the summer, all kinds of T-shirts need to be washed almost every day, crammed into the washing machine and afraid of color mixing. For this reason, a new "washing tool" has emerged in the clothing and clothing washing market - anti cross color laundry tablets. These products claim to have the function of "anti dyeing and cross color", and some even claim to have the effect of "sterilization and mite removal". This product is like drawing paper. When you want to use it, you can take out a few sheets and wash them together with the clothes. After use, you can throw them away. However, many people may wonder whether this is a "artifact" or an "intelligence tax"?

In order to effectively grasp the practical utility and safety of such products, prevent quality risks, and reasonably guide consumption, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City has organized and carried out quality and safety risk monitoring of anti cross color laundry detergent products. The staff purchased 8 batches of products online and 2 batches of products from offline physical stores, and monitored them from four aspects: color absorption effect, color absorption speed, color absorption firmness, and washing resistance. After 10 batches of samples were washed and dried, the appearance of the washed products was evaluated and all reached a "good" level, indicating good washing resistance of the anti cross color washing film product, which is not prone to tearing, damage, fuzzing, and clumping after washing.

According to Lu Fang, an engineer from the Light Industry and Textile Quality Inspection Center of Hangzhou Quality and Technical Supervision and Testing Institute, the principle of anti cross color washing film color absorption is mainly that the washing film mostly uses porous non-woven fabrics with ultrafine fibers. This fabric structure has adsorption effect and can quickly absorb colored particles and dust that are free in water during the washing process. During the experimental process, the effect of placing the first staining film was not very obvious, but when it was added to the second and third films, the experimental liquid became visibly lighter. As for the claimed 'sterilization and mite removal' effect of some products, we currently do not have a standard to evaluate such products, nor do we have corresponding testing techniques to follow up. Merchants will simulate antibacterial tests on products such as sanitary napkins and diapers to test whether the staining film has any effect Sterilization function Lu Fang said.

Xu Jia, Deputy Director of the Quality Supervision Department of the Market Supervision Bureau of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, stated that, Anti crosstalk laundry tablets are neither a 'miracle' nor an 'intelligence tax'. Anti crosstalk laundry tablets do have certain effects, but they cannot fully absorb them. It is recommended that consumers wash dark and light colored clothes separately during daily washing as much as possible. When choosing anti crosstalk laundry tablets, choose products produced by legitimate manufacturers. Moreover, anti crosstalk laundry tablets are disposable products, and it is recommended not to repeat them multiple times Reuse