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Kitchen oil stains, don't use a cotton cloth to wipe them off


In daily life, we often use cloth when cleaning, and most households use cotton cloth. The longer this cloth is used, the more bacteria it will breed.

Some household wipes that are not used will not be replaced if they are damaged. Little does this know how many bacteria have grown on the wipes, especially those used in the kitchen, and the growth of bacteria is even more severe!

After using the household cloth for a period of time, it is recommended to replace it in a timely manner. You may not know how dirty a small cloth is.

According to research, it has been found that the cloth turns yellow and black, and repeated cleaning has no effect. The bacteria it breeds are 50 times more than those in the toilet!

So, for the health of your family, don't use your "ancestral" cloth anymore!

So how can we clean and hygienic without using cotton cloth? Smart people use this, it's clean, hygienic, and antibacterial!

At this point, kitchen cleaning wipes become the best choice!

Kitchen decontamination wipes are different from traditional wipes in terms of both material and composition. Using it to clean the kitchen has a good hygiene effect, can quickly decompose oil stains, and can also have a bactericidal effect. Just take out a wipe after each meal.

Moreover, no matter where dirt appears, kitchen wipes can be used, making home cleaning easier with them.

Kitchen wipes, due to their strong stain removal ability, can not only be used in the kitchen. If stubborn stains appear on the table, they can also be wiped with them. A wet towel can easily handle it. If there are areas where mold appears due to moisture in the bathroom, you can also take a piece of wet wipes to wipe and dissolve them instantly.

Previously, cleaning was done by filling in water, adding various detergents, and then repeatedly cleaning and wringing the cloth dry. Now, this kitchen wet towel eliminates a series of these steps and easily solves the problem of stains!